10 Benefits of Starting Your Own Organic Garden

1. Save Money

In this economy, saving money is at the top of everyone’s list and the organic gardening community is no exception. By growing your own fruits and vegetables, you can save money as opposed to buying them in the grocery stores at inflated prices. No one can argue that the price of food isn’t steadily escalating.

2. Eat Healthy Foods

Organic GardeningIsn’t it about time we start eating right and eating more foods that will help us rather than harm us. Well, growing your own organic garden can really move you in the right direction. You can produce foods that will lower your risk for heart attack and clean out your system among other things. Our health is worth the work involved in starting an organic garden.


3. Exercise, Sunlight, and Fresh Air

That’s right. Working outdoors in the sunlight will do you some good and put some fresh air in your lungs. This is a great way to eat healthy foods and get some exercise in the process. Remember, your body isn’t going to take care of yourself and the workout involved in tending for your garden will be great for you.

4. Help Save the Environment

The fact of the matter is we cannot afford to continue to move in the direction we are with our planet and it is everyone’s obligation to do their part. By planting an organic garden you will do your part by healing the soil, reducing the chemical emissions of the food producing companies because they will not have your business, and you will live a healthy, more aware life as a result.

5. Organic food tastes better!

The facts are clear. If you have a chemical free environment and your seeds are chemical free as well, they are going to taste better and nourish the body much better than the typical foods we encounter in the grocery store. It is really a shame that we have to eat that mess, but if you don’t know, then you will not do better, or in this case taste anything better.

6. Reduces health risks
Reduces health risks

The facts are clear here as well. If your foods have chemicals and pesticides sprayed on them then there is extensive research approved by the EPA showing links to cancer and other diseases. We are getting far away from the intent of agriculture which was meant to help and heal the people, not destroy them and give them diseases they cannot cure. Take the step in the other direction and work on eating real food that is going to help your life in a positive way.

7. Organic farms respect our water resources

If we get back to organic gardening then we are using fresh techniques that respect and honor nature. The foods that are produced by the typical corporations today don’t respect or honor nature and are dumping these chemicals in the the grounds and they are running in to our water supplies. But if you garden organically, they you will not be contributing to this disaster.

8. Organic farmers build healthy soil

The great thing about organic gardening is that over a period of time it helps the soil to become more rich and prosperous at the same time. On the other side of this is the traditional corporations whom fields become barren over time as result of their chemicals and pesticides they spray on the fields. Organic farming stands opposed to this and doesn’t take part, in fact, they help heal the lands.

9. Organic farmers work in harmony with nature

The ecosystem of our lives encompass all of us and organic gardeners understand and respect this principle enough not to engage toxic chemicals and pesticides into their gardening techniques. There are more important things to life than just producing bigger, better crops in a faster time period.

10. Join the Organic Movement

Isn’t it about time you got off the sidelines of life and joined the Organic Movement. Don’t be shy, get involved. Start an organic garden today and do your part.

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