3 Must Have Organic Gardening Supplies

Using organic gardening supplies is a crucial part of starting a garden that produces fresh fruits and vegetables. That means you will be growing produce that is free of harmful toxins. The chemicals and toxins used in pesticides and fertilizers can leach into your produce that you will eventually consume. While the amount of chemicals absorbed by a single vegetable may be very minor, over time these minor amounts can add up and cause serious health implications. That is why it is so important to educate yourself on the proper organic gardening supplies to use in your own garden!

There are 3 very important organic gardening supplies that every gardener should consider using.

  1. Organic Vegetable Seeds – One of the first items you will incorporate into your garden are seeds used to grow your vegetables. Any vegetable seed that is not certified by the USDA may have been grown with toxic chemicals and fertilizers that are absorbed into the seeds. These chemicals can actually stick around in the seeds and then are incorporated into your garden. You should strongly consider using organic vegetable seeds to start out right in your garden!
  2. Organic Compost – Organic compost and soil is probably the single best thing you can use in your organic garden. Using nutrient rich soil promotes strong healthy root development in your plants. Fruit and vegetable plants with healthy roots are more drought tolerant as well as pest tolerant. This is very important when implementing an organic garden pest control program!
  3. Natural Fertilizers and Pesticides – Instead of purchasing toxic pesticides and fertilizers, educate yourself on what natural fertilizers are acceptable to use when growing an organic garden. Use natural pest control methods to promote healthy plant growth. Natural pest control includes manually weeding and promoting helpful insects like bees and butterflies to come visit your garden.

One of the most important parts of growing organic gardens is to make sure you are using organic gardening supplies. Failure to follow this plan could lead to a less than desired garden and crop!

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