5 Tips for Artificial Turf Maintenance – Perth Experts Reveal

Now that you have installed that beautiful artificial grass, proper maintenance will ensure that the lawn remains in perfect condition, looking lush and green through all the seasons. Synthetic lawns in Perth do not require as much in maintenance as their natural counterparts. There is, however, quite a bit that you can do as highlighted in the following 5-point guide.

1. Brush regularly to keep the blades upright and looking very natural and attractively luxuriant. Artificial turf, however tough will tend to bend due to constant traffic, and gently brushing the grass will straighten the turf. Do not use a brush with metal bristles as these tend to damage the grass blades, but instead go for a soft bristle brush.

2. For common stains such as food and drink spills, water and some detergent should be enough to clean the turf. For the more stubborn stains, however, you will need a mixture of vinegar and water. This potent mix will not only clean the surface and kill all germs, but it will remove any awful stench and odours from pet waste and other stains.

For pet owners, always ensure that the pet’s area is always clean by regularly hosing down the area with soapy water. This should, of course be followed by a thorough clean routine with vinegar and water every so often.

3. Occasionally check for and remove any sharp objects in the lawn. A piece of broken or any other sharp object can tear into the surface of the artificial turf and rip it apart causing damage that will attract extra cost in repairs.

Take care when raking the lawn to remove some fallen leaves and when shovelling ice off the artificial turf surface. Without proper care, these lawn care activities can have the same damaging effect, tearing at the surface of the synthetic turf.

4. Apart from regular brushing, if the kids are always using the synthetic lawn for some sporting action, ensure that you regularly clean the surface for their own health and well-being. With sweat and blood spots across the surface from different people, you can never be too safe. During hot weather, it is also advisable to hose down the surface for effective cooling in order to avoid blistering.

5. Treat your artificial turf for weeds once in a while. While you generally do not have to worry about weeds with synthetic turf as it is impervious to most weeds, it is not uncommon to find the more persistent varieties cropping up here and there in your lawn. Weeds and any other unwanted growths will affect the drainage of the synthetic grass; therefore curb the problem before it crops up by treating the surface for weeds.

Artificial turf manufacturers in Perth guarantee that the products will resist degradation for years. Like everything else, this is only possible with proper care and maintenance. With these simple pointers, you can smile to an amazingly pristine lawn that will speak from miles off and for many years to come just how great an investment decision you made with installing a synthetic lawn.

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