Square Foot Gardening

The square foot gardening method is a great way to have beautiful and productive gardens without using up a lot of space and resources. You will first need to find a location that has at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight on a daily basis. Unless you are creating a shade garden, steer clear of trees. Not only do trees block out the sun, but roots are difficult to deal with as well.

Finding a spot that is near the house will make it much more convenient, especially if you are planting food crops. If you have an outside water source, then you might prefer to place the garden where the hose will reach. This will eliminate the need to haul water by the bucket loads. Using buckets to water your plants may not seem like a big hassle in the beginning, but you’ll change your mind after a month.

The ground where you plan to do square foot gardening doesn’t need to have small rocks removed and it doesn’t matter that the dirt is old and dry. You won’t be using this dirt for your garden anyway. One thing to consider though is if this area is prone to puddle when it rains a lot. Having too much water is possible for some plants. They will end up rotting in the dirt they are planted in.

As the name of this gardening method suggests, it involves using squares. Positioning planting areas in measurements of 4 x 4 feet and build boxes to these measurements. These aren’t really complete boxes that you are building, but more of a square frame to hold the dirt in. Build this box right on top of the ground that you have picked out.

If you are creating multiple boxes in the same area, be sure to leave at least 3 feet in between each box. The soil that is added to these boxed should be a mix, in order to provide the right amount of nutrients and drainage. A great mix that some people find to work very well is one third of each of the following; compost, peat moss, and vermiculite. Mix this all together and fill up the boxes.

Once you have all this in place, it’s time to position the plants. Depending on the size of the plant, you will plant either 1, 4, 9, or 16 plants in each square foot of your garden box. Take into consideration the final size of the plant. For instance, although sunflowers start off very tiny, they will grow too large to be right next to another sunflower, so planting 16 of these in the same square wouldn’t give them a chance to grow correctly.

After you have everything planted, you have completed your square foot gardening project. Now all that is left is to water it, watch it grow, and harvest it if you’ve planted herbs or veggies.

Here is Another Video Guide : Square Foot Gardening (SFG): Growing More in Less Space

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